College Counseling

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College Counseling

College Counseling

College Guidance Counselor
Inho Lee
Led over 250 seminar on US Colleges and Admissions
Author of ‘Heart to Heart Guide on Studying Abroad
CEO at Mentor's Table Education(Seoul)
Former Head of Kaplan(Korea)
Former Executive Director for The Princeton Review(Korea)

Counseling Program

  1. Monthly college guidance counseling with the designated counselor offered to all high school students and their parents
  2. Supports the entire college preparation process
  3. Intensive and thorough guidance for college applications, essays, recommendations, etc.
  4. Online Chat rooms available for Q & A
  5. College seminars held six times a year offered to all middle and high school parents

College Prep Program

  1. Receive systematic guidance counseling program from Grade 9 onwards
  2. Kuder Navigator: Determine college major by exploring students’ aptitude and interests
  3. SAT prep and TOEFL courses
  4. Various AP Courses: Math, Chinese, US History, Chemistry, Biology
  5. College counseling offered on a monthly basis
  6. Essay writing practice
  7. Intensive and thorough guidance for college application
  8. Provides unique leadership experiences to add to college application, such as managing and leading clubs and extracurricular activities


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