Why SIE?

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Why SIE ?

Why SIE?

Why choose SIE? We would like to introduce SIE to you.

  • Teaching Method

    Most classes and extracurricular activities
    are taught and conducted in English.

    Second language acquisition and learning
    pace is customized for each student.

  • Teachers

    Most teachers have either a teacher's certificate and/or a bachelor's or a master's degree in the subject they teach, so teachers have expertise in their teaching subject.

  • Curriculum

    SIE adapts a carefully selected curriculum from the United States to maintain standards.
    Various AP subjects offered to HS students.
    Numerous ACA (After Class Activities) and volunteer opportunities are available for students to explore.

  • Guidance counseling

    Individual counseling is provided to all MHS students each month.
    MAP Test is in place in order to objectively estimate each students’ academic level

  • Culture

    100% English immersion environment

  • Facility

    Top-notch purpose-built facility to enhance
    student learning experience


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